The 10 Best Face Moisturizers To Combat The Cold

Remember last year when we all endured that wretched polar vortex? (Fun times, right?) Do you also remember when our skin went seriously downhill due to the painfully frigid wind? The best.
Well, if we learned anything from that dark time, it's to make sure we prepare ourselves — and our precious skin — for whatever the colder months throw at us. Since the lighter formulas of summer moisturizers absolutely won't cut it when it comes to the hydrating needs of winter, it's vital to do some tweaking to your usual routine.
Heavy, creamier moisturizers will keep your skin from flaking once the temperature drops. Basically, anything that has "rich" or "nourishing" in its description is what we should gravitate toward — quenching the skin and keeping the dry patches at bay is the goal.
Click through to check out our favorites for the season. Your skin will never be left out in the cold again.

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