Do You Know The Proper Fashion Name For This Fabric?

fabricPhoto: Courtesy of Chanel.
When we discuss the collections that just debuted on the runway, we typically talk about the silhouettes, the trends, the styling tips — all the things you can decipher even if your closest seat is in front of a computer screen. Your fashion cred can be diminished considerably, though, if you begin referring to everything remotely shiny as "silky" or anything debuted by Karl Lagerfeld as "you know, that Chanel fabric." Sure, it may not be easy to determine the exact kind of stitch on the lining of a jacket or the precise name and origin of the fabric used. But, we do have a cheat sheet that can help you up your style talk.
Rounding up some of the predominant materials found on the runway for fall '14, AnOther magazine has provided us with an easy-to-remember guide to speaking about clothing in a more advanced way. Using major designers as references, it gives us the scoop on the real meaning behind those fabrics we already know (even if we don't know what to call them). For instance, those chevron-patterned sweaters at Prada were originally a design used on military officers' uniforms to signify their rank. Chanel's signature texture — that's bouclé. And, crêpe Georgette? Well, that has nothing to do with pancakes. (AnOther)

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