These Brow Cocktails Are The Secret To Perfect Arches

You don't have to be tracking the latest uptick in viral brow grooming videos to know that a perfect set of arches takes some work. And while a complete overhaul isn't always warranted, most of us do put in effort to keep our sets in tip-top shape. Including, but certainly not limited to, filling them in, locking them in place, and lightly highlighting them.
The fact is, finding the perfect brow routine rarely means using less than two products — and it's the right combination where the magic really happens. Luckily, locking down the right formulas just got a little easier, because we've tapped the pros for the pencils, pomades, and gels they pair up for foolproof arches.
The brow cocktails that the pros swear by for perfect arches, every single time, ahead.

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