This Is The Makeup That Looks Coolest With Green Eyes

One of the coolest things about makeup application is that it's kind of reminiscent of being in art class. The hues that we use all exist on the color wheel, and a basic understanding of that can maximize your look's potential exponentially. Green, for example, is opposite from red. So it would stand to reason that red pigment would make green eyes stand out — right?
The only problem with that is not many of us want to run around with brick-red shadow on our eyes. (And if you're one of the ballsy few who would — we salute you.) So which shades should you actually reach for? We chatted with makeup artist Janessa Paré to get the answers. Ahead, find the best shadows, liners, and mascara to make your green eyes look even more enviable. Time to put those art lessons to work in everyday life!

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