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Exclusive: We’ve Got The 411 On Rachel Zoe’s Copyrighting Scandal

Today seems to be Rachel Zoe day. We covered both her new collection and a Harper's Bazaar profile on her husband Rodger. Well, here's one more: Jane Keltner deValle, Fashion News Director over at Teen Vogue earlier tweeted a photo of a piece from Zoe's new collection (above) side-by-side to a page from TV's October 2007 issue. The feature, entitled "A Star Is Born," features then-intern Elana Fishman, now at Marie Claire, being styled by Zoe in a white sleeveless frock with a very distinct black circular pattern. Umm, seriously Rach: There's no denying that the dress looks exactly like the one editors saw this A.M. from Zoe's own line. We just got off the horn with Fishman, who claims "it was a vintage piece that Rachel bought and wore herself after the shoot." What's more, "she originally got it at What Comes Around Goes Around and wore it to the Marc Jacob's after-party that Fashion Week."

So, what do you think...did Rachel Zoe plagiarize or is this just a load of B.S.?