Rachel Comey's Men's Fall 2010 Shoes That You And Your Boyfriend Can Both Wear

It's only fitting that Rachel Comey , who gained popularity when downtown girls started swiping her smaller sizes for guys off men's racks at Barneys, has leaned toward androgyny for her fall/winter 2010 shoes. Like her women's fashion, the footwear is inspired by vintage pieces, with prepped out names like Spencer, Norwich, and Derringer. Though the line isn't available 'til June, start saving for the floral oxfords, which retail for $300. We're betting you'll buy your man an extra small. You can always claim you made a mistake.
When you created this collection, did you think girls (or girlfriends) would want to wear them? I sense a lot of shoe-snatching going on!
Hmmm. I was truly just thinking about men, but I don't mind swapping styles and silhouettes back and forth between the sexes. I made a high heel for men that is so masculine and hot to me, but then on a woman, it could be considered chic and practical. What a fun difference in point of views for the same item.
What was your inspiration for this particular line of footwear?
All the foxes in this town.
What can we expect from you come Fashion Week? Any suprises?
Shoes that growl when you walk by a foe, wink when you pass a fox, and purr when you encounter a mirror.
Considering the great reception to your past shoe lines, have you considered a return to Men's Fashion?
Ha! Dunno. Sometimes I fantasize about it. Mens is so fun. So strict, but so exciting. But, I don't have any plans to do so right now.

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