Excess-ories: Hayden-Harnett’s Little Tassels Make a Big Change

Taking a look at the runways for spring/summer '09, we noticed that bags—and accessories in general—were blasting out a clear "more is more" message that even the fashion impaired might find hard to miss. But with the economy playing bumper cars with our hearts and wallets, most of us can't look forward to stocking up on Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs amazing excessive accessories come spring (unless those investments in Mega Millions pay off). Never fear recessionistas, you can update your current clutch right now with Hayden-Harnett's bag bobbles, starting at $8. It's a cheap way to get big results.
Left to right: Louis Vuitton (photo via Style.com), Hayden-Harnett.
Available at www.haydenharnett.com.