Wear Kate Moss’ Birthday Or The Start Of The Salem Witch Trials Around Your Neck

With a knack for creating simple jewelry with a captivating twist,
Etten Eller's
latest Hammer collection is like a story wrapped up in a few, uncomplicated baubles. Named (and ostensibly, designed--though we can't quite figure out the method) after notable dates in history like 01.16.1974 (Kate Moss's birthday) and 03.01.1692 (the start date of the Salem Witch trials), each bronze adornment teaches us a history lesson and has us wishing we had more backless dresses to show these babies off.

Above, from left: 12.17.1790, the day the Aztec Calendar Stone was excavated in Mexico City's main square; 03.01.1692, the day the Salem Witch Trials began.
Above, from left: 06.18.1967: the first time Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire at the Monterey Pop Festival.
Above, from left: 01.12.1963, the day Sam Cooke made his live recording at the Harlem Sq Night Club in Miami; 07.28.2061, the next predicted viewing of Halley's Comet
Above, from left: 01.16.1974, the day Kate Moss was born
Above, from left: 05.19.1962, the day Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to JFK at Madison Square Garden.

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