The Coolest Wedding Rings From Etsy

While most women don't get to choose their engagement ring (their lucky spouse-to-be gets the honor), the wedding-band selection is, thankfully, a collaborative effort. It's good news to fellas everywhere.

But, starting the wedding-band search can be tricky. From the straightforward, simple circles to the opulent, sparkly stuff, there's a lot out there — and it can be daunting. We'll tell you this much, though: When we think about the kinds of wedding bands we would want, we always lean towards bling with character, rings with stories behind them. And, that's why we keep tapping back into Etsy, where literally everything is handmade with love and absolute craftsmanship.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best wedding bands from the online treasure trove for your casual perusal with the beau. From rings you can customize with your birthstone to the bands that allow engravings of secret messages, here's the good stuff you'll keep forever. After all, the idea is to never take these rings off.
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It's a gap we'll happily fall into.
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This mixed-metals ring set is downright groovy.
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We'll toast the lady who wears Champagne diamonds.
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Bonus: This speckled band is also conscientiously made from recycled gold.
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This triple-layer bejeweled band boasts conflict-free diamonds.
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This weathered-looking beauty ships all the way from New Zealand.
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A deep V that is revealing in the right way.
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Oxidized bands for the cool couple that prefers black on black.
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Six quirky diamonds that need to live on your ring finger.
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This delicate beauty has petals all over.
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It's customizable with any birthstone, width, and metal you like! Triple win.
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For the gal who loves silver, this oxidized sterling band is gold (figuratively speaking).
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This blocky gold thing echoes Art Deco in the most gorgeous way.
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This copper-silver ring is made with love in Australia.
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White gold is where it's at. What a stunner.
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This adorable his-and-hers set joins to create a secret heart.
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How sparkly life would be with this stackable ring.
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A beehive-inspired band for your sweet honey.
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A hammered, black-diamond band that really hits our heart.
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A rugged band for the outdoorsy type.
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A twin set with black and white diamonds (because you need 'em both).
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Keep it like a secret (message).
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It's a twofer with gold on top, diamonds on bottom.
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Black and green are the new white diamonds.
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This silver set has a single gem for the minimalist happy couple.
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A precious stone for your cat's meow.
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A roughed-up band for the badass bride.
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This handmade bling ships from sparkle-town Los Angeles.
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For the tree-hugging couple, this bark set is a natural fit.
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This wavy ring has got the sweet moves.
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A cross we bear for keeps.

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