Erin Wasson’s S&M Grunge Clown Outfit

You know we love Erin Wasson's cool grunge-meets-glam, don't give a damn, downtown surfer vibe. Really, we do! But we're a bit confused by her latest get-up that's a little convict clown, a little sexy vixen. While attending the premiere of My Week With Marilyn, in NYC this weekend, Wasson sported an Imitation Of Christ belt, a sassy leather bustier, and striped (pajama?) pants topped off with what appear to be suede maroon booties. We kinda dig all the pieces by themselves, and if anyone can pull of this look, it's certainly Erin. But what do you think? Would you flaunt this look for fall or hang back in the tent with the jugglers and acrobats?

Photo: Courtesy of Seventh House PR