12 Endangered Landmarks EVERY New Yorker Needs To See

New, state-of-the-art architecture is constantly shooting up with impressive speed in New York City, with one unbelievable building stealing the spotlight from another, equally enormous edifice on a daily basis. (Think: the new Whitney Museum or midtown's One57.) And, while certain New York landmarks are unlikely ever to fall out of favor, plenty of smaller, less flashy gems are often overlooked in NYC's obsession with novelty and innovation.

Well, forsaking the underdogs is not our style. We're determined to celebrate these lesser-known monuments — especially considering many of them may not be around for much longer. Here, we rounded up 12 endangered beacons of New York's architectural history that could soon cease to exist. Not only are they brimming with fascinating stories — they also make for some pretty nifty 'grams, too.

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