The Next Big Red Carpet Trend Just Might Be 2-In-1 Dresses

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage.
The world of red carpet dressing is a glamorous hodgepodge of some of fashion's most attention-grabbing looks. For without celebrities and the step-and-repeats they frequent, we wouldn't get to see standout Fashion Month moments right after they debut on the runway (and long before they hit stores the next season). But sometimes, in the middle of the madness, an offbeat trend catches the same wave, bringing a few of our favorite celebrities together.

Recently, we've noticed a dress fad of note; it came onto the scene in November, and it's still going strong. Behold, the 2-in-1 dress. Or, depending on the degree at which you tilt your head or squint your eyes, dresses that appear to basically be falling off the likes of Kate Bosworth and Emma Stone.

But beyond the fact that these actresses seem to fancy this new grade of tear-away dresses, the mashed-up frock situation has been attempted by a few different designers. Last season, we saw New York-based designer Monse use the motif throughout their entire collection, but as you'll see in the slideshow ahead, European designers like Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, and more seem to have drank the same Kool-Aid when creating their spring lines.

Or, in our dreams, they all just hang out and secretly plot these things out to troll people like us for their own creative amusement. Either way, they've got us sipping on something, too, because we're really into it. Check out the intriguing trend, ahead.

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