This Cheek Tint Will Give You The Perfect Post-Workout Flush — No Sweating Required

I get an instant pang of jealousy when I see someone strolling out of the gym with a subtly rosy complexion and an endorphin-filled spring in her step — you know the type. High pony, spandex, and the sheerest gleam of sweat that actually looks more like a purposeful highlight than a by-product of a workout.
Unfortunately, when my heart rate rises anywhere above normal, my fair skin quickly becomes hyper-pigmented. Not in the cute, rosy-cheeked type of way, either. Rather, it turns into a splotchy, might-need-medical-attention situation. But thankfully, I don’t even need to step onto a treadmill to attempt to get that seemingly impossible exercise after-glow. I’ve found a cheek tint that’s essentially a bottled-up runner’s high — achievable without a drop of sweat.
The tint comes from Elizabeth Arden’s new Gelato Collection, featuring lipsticks, lip liners, and these cute gel blush pots. I often take issue with traditional powder blushes, because they always look too pink and obvious on my cheeks, but this weightless, water-based gel was made to give subtle and natural radiance and dimension. It’s formulated with both skin-soothing hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts, which makes me feel like it’s actually supporting my skin and not just sitting on top of it. The best part: The tint actually cools on skin contact, so it feels like a dream when I slide it on my soon-to-be-sweaty cheekbones, and it doesn’t budge or disrupt my makeup during the day.
This stuff comes in four bouncy, potted shades— Coral Daze, Pink Perfection, Nectar, and Berry Rush. My two favorites, Coral Daze and Pink Perfection, really flatter on fair skin, but all of the sheer shades are super-wearable.
So, it's safe to say I've been converted to a blush-wearer who adds a sheer swipe before work, or a few layers before a night out. It gives me that natural, post-jog glow I've always envied on others — even though, TBH, I'm not quite convinced it's real.
Elizabeth Arden Cool Glow Cheek Tint, $26, available at Elizabeth Arden.
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