Eight-Year-Old’s Mom Defends Giving Her Botox

Suddenly we are sorry we just ate lunch, because this mother has our stomach in knots. We got wind of this story a few months ago about a mother who administered Botox to her eight-year-old in order to get rid of little Britney Campbell's "wrinkles," and stay on her A-game for the super competitive (and super creepy) world of kiddie pageants. We can only hope we misunderstood the headlines, but alas, mother Kerry—who apparently is also an esthetician—appeared on Good Morning America today defending her daughter's treatments while refusing to share where she was sourcing the Botox from. Kerry says her daughter didn't ask for Botox, but was unhappy about the wrinkles that she acquired on her less-than-ten-year-old. Oh, and Britney also gets her legs waxed, because it's not "ladylike to have hair on your legs," she says. The only thing more heartbreaking than this little girl's skewed reality, is her mother's. (Stylelist)