9 Very Grown-Up Home Gifts That Say “Wow, An Adult Lives Here”

Perhaps more than any year preceding it, 2020 has confirmed that "adulting" is simply floundering around while attempting to give off the impression that you know what you're doing. This is fine (to quote a certain cartoon dog who's become a mascot of sorts), but having the right equipment for the job certainly does help.
That's why we've teamed up with eBay, which now offers a Certified Refurbished program, where you can find home gifts and more at up to 50% off from premium brands that have been certified by manufacturers or authorized partners to work like‑new. Have someone on your list who subsists on dino nuggets and fish sticks? There's a Philips air fryer for that. What about another giftee who's still listening to tunes from a speaker fashioned out of a paper-towel tube and plastic cups? Oh no, honey — get thee a Bose. And with a two-year warranty, you can hit purchase with confidence on any of the following smart buys — they'll make being grown-up that much easier...or at least look it.