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Earnest Sewn prepares to welcome a whole new spectacle to its Meat-packing district digs. By Jason Wilson
earnestsewn_moscotHot on the heels of the well-received Trovata and Van Cleef & Arpels shop-in-shops, Earnest Sewn, the premium denim purveyor, is devoting its Back Room space to the patriarchal eyewear company MOSCOT this April. The new installment will launch the two brands' collaborative collection of co-branded Buffalo Horn MOSCOT Lemtosh frame specs. These one-of-a-kind styles are designed with real glass and colored lenses just as they were 70 years ago. Copper hardware adorns each pair, a detail which hearkens to the denim label's signature copper buttons and affinity for American craftsmanship. For those who aren't marching to Elvis Costello's drummer, a blond Lemtosh frame, exclusive to the collaborative collection, will be available, too. And for bragging rights, each pair will also be numbered for authenticity.
"What attracted us to MOSCOT is their rich New York City heritage and design aesthetic," says Scott Morrison, founder and designer of Earnest Sewn. "Their dedication to customer service through quality product and expertise is a philosophy we strongly believe in."
Mr. Hyman Moscot opened his first store at 94 Rivington Street in a not-even-close-to-gentrified LES in 1915. The shop relocated to its permanent home at 118 Orchard in 1951 after son Sol took the reigns. To commemorate Mr. Moscot's first entrepreneurial gambit, Earnest Sewn's 420-square-foot installation space will be designed in homage to MOSCOT's initial Rivington location, a shop that once gave the gift of sight (and cool) to Buddy Hollys, Johnny Depps, and plain old ladies alike. In April, you can see for yourself.
The original MOSCOT location at 94 Rivington, Mr. Hyman Moscot
An Earnest Cut & Sew, 821 Washington Street; 212-242-3414. MOSCOT, 118 Orchard Street; 212-477-3976.
Earnest Sewn prepares to welcome a whole new spectacle to its Meat-packing district digs.

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