These Early ’00s Trends Are Making A BIG Comeback, Whether You Like It Or Not

It's not news that the '90s have been playing on repeat for a hot minute now — so many of our favorite current trends, like choker necklaces, oversized denim, and crop tops are throwbacks from the decade. And, while we can't say that the '90s look is going anywhere anytime soon (TBH, we're pretty glad it's here to stay), there is another comeback kid to pay attention to — millenium style.
The early 2000's were a bizarre and glorious time. Britney and Justin were sporting their matching denim ensembles to the American Music Awards, and we were all bumpin' to "Hot in Herre" by Nelly. Before the recession hit, everything was a party, including what people wore — outfits were loud, costumey, and king of coo-coo crazy. We're currently seeing a regeneration of the aughts, not just in fashion, but in other aspects of culture, like music, too. Could it be that we're all just trying to have some fun? It is suddenly getting hot in... So hot in herre... Hot in...
In the slideshow ahead, take a look at the wacky and downright cool early aughts trends that are making a comeback. Whether or not these boundary pushing trends are for you, the spirit of the decade is something everyone can get behind.

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