Now, This Is The Holy Grail Of Statement Necklaces

It’s a rare occasion when we're instantly gobsmacked by a truly transformative piece of jewelry. But, we simply couldn't tear ourselves away from DYLANLEX's collection of statement necklaces, which are in a league all their own. Drew Ginsburg, the designer and founder of the brand, is the brains behind these super-charged baubles, employing a hands-on approach to making distinct, wearable works of art. And, featuring an array of mixed metals and Swarovski crystals for chic, vintage-inspired styles, her New York-based line is taking artisanship to truly great heights.
It all starts with a single source of inspiration — antiqued colors, rhinestone cuts, and so on. From there, Ginsburg transforms those concepts into radical, dynamic designs with varying textures, depths, and crystal strands. The finished results are electrifying, decadent, and ornamental, with a touch of punk for a mind-bending mix of tough-meets-pretty. Bottom line: Ginsburg’s masterful collection is both daring and supremely original. Follow her lead, and declare your individuality with any of the six statement-worthy, splurgy styles ahead.
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Drew Ginsburg, DYLANLEX founder and designer
"I actually went to school for clothing design, but while studying and throughout my career, I would find every excuse I could to embellish any and everything. You name it — I probably beaded the hell out of it. I've always wanted to design using more than just fabric because I crave texture and dimension.

I named DYLANLEX after my boyfriend, Dylan and my sister, my muse, Lex."
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"[Designing a necklace] usually starts with a piece of inspiration from my personal collection. It may be a subtle shape, a perfectly antiqued color, a tribal element, a rhinestone cut, or something special that leads me to a starting point. It’s definitely a process! There are so many jewelry designers out there (that I admire) creating wonderful things, so I only want to make pieces that stand out and strike a chord."

DYLANLEX Bobbie, $640, available at DYLANLEX.
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"When I started making one-of-a-kind pieces, I was making them myself. With collection pieces, I work with my manufacturing team in New York. Since each piece is handmade, there is a lot that goes into the production of each piece. At times, my team may tell me a design is too complex or too detailed, but I continue to push further. We pull out our pliers, problem solve, and meet somewhere in the middle."

DYLANLEX Dean, $580, available at DYLANLEX.
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"I've always been interested in vintage shopping because I like the idea that not everyone can have the same clothes, shoe, jewelry, and so on. That’s always my initial approach to each piece: individuality."

DYLANLEX Frankie, $810, available at DYLANLEX.
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"My style is a fusion of grandma-glitz-meets-tomboy. I think that women respond to my personal style because it’s something they wouldn’t actually wear, but they respect that I do go out in a pearl-encrusted jacket and a Clash tee. My inner Liberace definitely translates better in accessory form, though. I have never felt so comfortable."

DYLANLEX Bowie, $820, available at DYLANLEX.
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"Kate Lanphear has always been my icon. She has this grungy, boyish, well-kept vibe that I admire, and she mixes her metals so well. Then, there is Iris Apfel. I went to her exhibit a few years ago called "Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel." It gave me life."

DYLANLEX Ryker, $780, available at DYLANLEX.
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"There's boundless inspirations to be found in NYC. I go to Brooklyn for flea markets and vintage finds all the time. The East Village has a pretty solid selection of Tibetan-fused inspiration, too. There’s a store called Beads of Paradise (it’s more of DIY shop), and it's must-see."

DYLANLEX Falkor, $980, available at DYLANLEX.

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