Street Style: Moms (And Dads!) Say Cheese At The DVF/GapKids Launch

Before you go pageant mom on us, remember that there are more reasonable ways to pamper your kids. And not for as much dough, either! We caught up with local moms (and dads!) at the launch of Diane von Furstenberg's newest collab for BabyGap and GapKids, where parents scored everything from print dresses to leggings, starting just at $20! Luckily, opening day wasn't as NUTS as we had anticipated, so that didn't stop us from interrupting an otherwise family-friendly crowd during their midday shop. Decidedly chic yet still kid-ish, the primary color prints and miniature everything would've had even you baby talkin' through the "Call Me Maybe?" song that played overhead (squeal!). From nannies to moms-to-be, no one could resist the cute clothes and, um, cute prices that the whole family would be excited to show off!
Click through to see the stylish parents curate their childrens' style the right way.