Street Style: Moms (And Dads!) Say Cheese At The DVF/GapKids Launch

Before you go pageant mom on us, remember that there are more reasonable ways to pamper your kids. And not for as much dough, either! We caught up with local moms (and dads!) at the launch of Diane von Furstenberg's newest collab for BabyGap and GapKids, where parents scored everything from print dresses to leggings, starting just at $20! Luckily, opening day wasn't as NUTS as we had anticipated, so that didn't stop us from interrupting an otherwise family-friendly crowd during their midday shop. Decidedly chic yet still kid-ish, the primary color prints and miniature everything would've had even you baby talkin' through the "Call Me Maybe?" song that played overhead (squeal!). From nannies to moms-to-be, no one could resist the cute clothes and, um, cute prices that the whole family would be excited to show off!
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LaTonya Staubs and River, 14 months

So what do you do (because we love your outfit)?
“Right now I’m a stay-at-home mom and I freelance for Brooklyn Mamas which is a blog. We write about a lot of local events that cater to moms and parents and babies, whether it’s a consignment shop or a play group, we write about it.”

What are you planning on purchasing today?
“Whatever’s cute! Whatever kinda speaks to me. I just walk in and get a feel for it and if a pattern is kinda funky and if I can mix it up, then I’ll definitely buy it. I think that’s what happens when you have a baby, you can mix and match and no one cares. Anything goes!”

Photographed by Guang Xu
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What does she like to wear?
“She likes putting on dresses because I think it’s easy for her. But she hates berets but I love them!”

You both have matching bows! Was that intentional?
“It wasn’t! I really seriously got ready in like 10 seconds and I sorta just threw it on and then I thought, oh! We both match, okay!”

It’s subconscious?
“It is! You kinda get used to it I guess.”

Who do you think is more excited about the clothes, you or her?
“Oh definitely me. I think she could care less. She probably thinks, ‘put me in a pamper and I’m fine.’”

You think she’s going to be into fashion?
“Probably. I’ve done this since I was pregnant with her, I went crazy with myself, making sure I looked good. And when I had her, it became easy to get her dressed up, put her into vintage pieces and more modern stuff. I think she’ll grow up loving it just like I did!”

Photographed by Guang Xu
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Alexis El Hadj

Do you have any kids?
“Well, I’m about to have one in two months!”

Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? “I know it’s a girl. I actually got up this morning and checked out the pieces online and ordered some pieces online because I was afraid it would be mayhem in the stores. I ended up picking up a few more pieces.”

What did you get today? “I got a few dresses, a onesie, and a sunhat because my little girl will be on the beach this summer! So she’ll be prepared.”

Any name ideas so far? “Um... we’re not sure yet!”

So who’s more excited for the clothes, you or your husband?
“Oh, probably my husband! He was hoping to have a girl so we can dress her up and take her out to tea.”

Photographed by Guang Xu
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Ashlee Holland (nanny) with Taylor, 18 months

Were you sent on a shopping trip?
“Yes, we have been waiting for this!”

What did you end up buying?
“We bought matching outfits for her and her friend. Leggings and a dress. We also got her little sandals.”

How long have you been taking care of her?
“A year and a half I think?”

So you’re like her second mother!

Photographed by Guang Xu
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Who do you think is more excited for the clothes, you, the parents, or her?

“I think we’re all equally excited!”

Photographed by Guang Xu
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Amy Abrams

Who are you shopping for?
“I have a daughter, Ruby, who’s six years old and another daughter, Noah, who’s four years old.”

What did you get them today?
“I got them each a wrap dress and a little shift. I got a pair of pants, shorts, and a sweater. It’s good to let them choose if they like it!”

Who’s more excited about the clothes, you or them?
“You know actually, my kids love clothes! I have some vintage DVF wrap dresses and they love them… so they always tell me to save certain pieces of my clothing for them when they get older. So now we can all have the same little wrap dress thing going on!”

Do they know DVF?
“I think they might recognize the label because of my clothes. But I don’t know if they know who she is.”

Are your kids into fashion? “My kids have a very distinct sense of style. My little one is really into wearing leggings with a skirt—she gets herself dressed everyday! My older one also has a very distinct taste.”

Photographed by Guang Xu
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Maki Sakai and Momo, 2 years

What did you end up getting for her?
“A dress and short pants from the DVF collection.”

Who’s more excited for the clothes, you or her?
“I don’t know, I think me? I also got her a baby bag. I like this brand a lot.”

Photographed by Guang Xu
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What’s your kid’s favorite things to wear?
“She loves dresses from Zara and H&M too!”

Photographed by Guang Xu
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Natasha Kaneva What did you end up buying today?
“The whole store, I think. Everything! I bought the rompers! All my clothes are DVF so I bought the same thing for my daughter. I have two daughters. One is two and one is twelve so I bought everything in two sizes."

What are your daughters’ names?
“Sophia and Alexandra.”

So are your daughters into fashion like you?
“Well they’re in school. One is a baby, yes, and one is always in my closet!”

So she’s excited about the clothes?
“I don’t think they even know yet! It’s a surprise, I didn’t even tell her yet.”

Photographed by Guang Xu

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