14 Bros In Start-Up Shirts Who Disrupted EVERYTHING

Tech bros get a bad rap. While we're clock-watching in our gray-carpeted cubicles, they're out there grinding in their keg-filled, brick-walled, live-work loft spaces — shifting paradigms, changing games, and starting whole new industries. They give us extra apps to play with on our phones and create (yet another) social media network to avoid friends on. And, tech bros do it because they care.
That's why we were so happy that our commenter Erin Eyesore brought Dudes In Start-up Shirts to our attention. This Tumblr chronicles the CEOs, innovation architects, and data ninjas who truly embody the spirit of capitalism today. Whether they're practicing their elevator pitches for angel investors or are just chillin' watching Tim Ferriss' latest TEDTalk, tech bros — and their T-shirts — make our world turn.
Click ahead for our favorite tech tees. And, get yours at a Bay Area thrift store near you!

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