15 Reasons To Wear Something Other Than Denim Shorts This Summer

As soon as May hits, denim shorts get all the attention. All your favorite stores start getting them in by the boatload — and good thing they are, because when you're forced to try on your pair from last year to see if they still fit (and somehow it hardly ever does?), you're going to be on the hunt for some to wear day in and day out. But remember, denim shorts aren't the only option when temps start to heat up. And if you're just not the denim-diaper type, fortunately there are plenty of other options to combat the hot weather without going into full cutoffs territory.
Don't get us wrong — we love denim in all its forms, all year round. But we just feel like denim cut-offs tend to steal the spotlight in the shorts world. And frankly, we're ready for something new. So, we're rounding up a bunch of more polished, trend-forward picks to add to your warm-weather wardrobe. Memorial Day is sneaking up, so trust us, you're going to want to nab a pair sooner rather than later. Click on for more convincing proof that it's about time to give your denim shorts a long overdue rest — as tough as it may be, these picks won't let you down.

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