NYC’s Most Fashionable Guys Give Their Style Advice

Shhh. Leave this open on your desktop and step away. Make sure he thinks you aren't looking. Now, watch in awe as your slightly sartorially challenged guy gets straightforward and easy tips from New York's most stylish dudes. We've got advice on how to dress or gift your man, and we've tapped the best: These guys aren't just well-dressed, they are at NYC's frontlines of fashion. Our cheat sheet — with help from the boys at Odin, Carlos Campos, and more — includes boy basics, quick-'n'-easy pointers, and brilliant styling how-tos that'll get him questioning more than just "tucked in or out?" From dressing up in winter to taking care of investment leather boots on salt-stained NYC streets, each of these helpful hints will make him feel empowered — not pressured — to step up his style game. And, better yet, this list also offers suggestions on what to look for when you shop for him come February 14. How sweet is that?
Click through for six expert style tips your guy (and you!) oughta know.