Rad or Bad? Are The Newest Trains In Vain Or Just A Party In the Back?

While it used to be the only place you saw a serious floor-sweeping train was cruising down a wedding aisle, the latest breed of "mullet" dresses have us scratching our heads—we're not sure if its classic combo of "party in the front" and "business in the back" is a quirky way to show off our two polar halves, or if it's just a style not meant for reality (reality show, perhaps). On one hand, a flowing train can be romantic, and we love a blazer with chic coat-tails. But let's face it…some of these options kind of make us think we forgot to check our heel for a colorful trail of TP upon exit from the restroom. But enough about us…what about you? If the new breed of trains are good enough for Chanel, are they good enough for you?
Above, from left: Spring 2010 runway looks from Three as Four, Max Azria, and Chanel, photos via Style.com.
Above, from left: Spring 2010 runway looks from Chanel, Vena Cava, and Dries Van Noten, photos via Style.com.

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