Dress Like A WAG, Earthquake Shakes, And Jail May Help Lindsay Lohan

WAG style—the British term for Wives And Girlfriends of sports stars—has invaded the U.S. Here's how to get that "My guy's faster than yours'" look in a pinch. (Stylelist)
We don't know if it's Candy's honking voice over or her ridiculously exaggerated long-lithe Bruno Frissoni avatar, but we do know we love CandyCast's Colombia fashion round up. (Vogue.com)
Nylon's new edition of their "STREET: The Nylon Book of Global Style" is out, and features some of the world's most stylish cities, including ours truly. (Fashion Tribes)
Lindsay Lohan's sentence may raise the profile and increase sales for her 6126 fashion line, but our money's on nail art stock rising. (WWD)
Who else felt that crazy earthquake last night? (LAWeekly)