The 5 Craziest Dr. Pimple Popper Cyst Pops Ever Recorded

Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images.
One less-discussed benefit of being an avid Dr. Pimple Popper fan, in addition to the endless entertainment factor, is the ability to shock your friends and family with how much medical terminology you've picked up along the way. Regular viewers will tell you that a lot of hard-to-pronounce jargon gets tossed around by Dr. Sandra Lee, M.D., (and Co.), but there's a word most popaholics commit to memory pretty damn quick: cyst.
Dr. Lee defines a cyst as "a benign growth commonly found in the skin that typically appears on the face, neck, chest, or back, but can occur anywhere on the body." What differentiates a cyst from a microscopic blackhead or a squishy lipoma is the contents: a free-floating sack of wet skin cells, which creates a cottage cheese-like consistency. Cysts are often accompanied by some sort of odor — which smells exactly like what you would imagine a collection of festering moist skin cells to smell like upon hitting the air.
As you can imagine, these pops are some of the gnarliest Dr. Lee faces in surgery. If you're intrigued by squirting cysts of the facial variety, you're going to love this pro guide to the wild world of cystic pops. Ahead, Dr. Pimple Popper shares the craziest cases she's ever seen.

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