Is The Devil Wears Prada Still Stylish?

It doesn't feel all that long ago that The Devil Wears Prada came out, boosting Anne Hathaway's career and proving that Meryl's still got it in spades. But The Huffington Post's look back at the outfits in the movie that brought high fashion to the masses brings up a very valid, slightly sad question: Are the clothes meant to represent the top end of Miranda Priestly's famously described trickle-down effect now out of style?
Newsboy caps, knit purses, unfortunate shrugs...there's no doubt some of these trends are a thing of the past. That's to be expected; fashion moves faster than most of us can keep track of. But we're scouring our memories trying to figure out if this stuff ever looked cool. Hop over to HuffPost for a slideshow of all the questionable looks and tell us: Is The Devil Wears Prada a relic, or was it never that cool in the first place? (The Huffington Post)

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