Hole-y Smokin'-Hot Man Denim

Stephen Green
Visual merchandiser for John Varvatos.
What were your first pair of jeans?
"French Connection UK, skinny jeans. I think they called the fit 'stove pipe' — they were soo tight, I never looked back, that was in...2003. I never owned a pair before that EVER."
What are you wearing?
"This is my first pair of Levi's. They're 10 years old and still fit perfectly. I wish every single pair I owned fit just like that, but they never really do...almost, but not exactly, so I keep buying pairs."
How many pairs of jeans do you own?
"Fourteen and counting, all Levi's 511."
Do you have a preferred philosophy when it comes to jeans: Sexy and skinny, or loose and comfy?
"Always skinny and always sexy."
Used or new?
What's your signature wash...or does it matter?
"It doesn't matter."
What's your favorite way to wear your jeans and with what?
"Jeans with boots, it's the most comfortable look."
If your jeans had a name or theme song, what would it be? Or do they?
"Fucking 'Shaft!'"
Favorite example of celebrity-jean wearing (i.e., Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album cover). "The Ramones' first album — the cover says it all."
What do you love most about your favorite denim pieces?
"I beat the ever-loving shit out of them and they still hold up. Denim is soo durable."
Photographed by Kava Gorna. Casting by Megan Delaney.

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