DANNIJO Now Has Wrist War-Worthy Bracelet Sets (On Sale, Too!)

Alright guys, this one is major. As you might have noticed, we're totally smitten with DANNIJO's badass, oversized baubles — like, skip-lunch-to-shop-their-store obsessed. Well, the jewelry brand just created a whole new line of pre-styled bracelet stacks, inspired by The Man Repeller's own "arm parties" (or maybe this?). Whether you want all-out bling, some seriously heavy metals, or a bright pop of color, DANNIJO has a stack that you'll need to have asap. Oh, did we mention that right now you can get 30% off any set you chose? This deal isn't going to stick around forever, so treat your arms to the ultimate fiesta while you can. We promise they'll make you win any wrist war, hands down.

When: Ongoing sale

Where: Available online at Dannijo.com


Photo: Courtesy of Alison Brod PR