Present For The 1%: A $1 Million…Lollipop Holder!

You've already studied our holiday wish lists. And while we hate to pull a last minute fast one on our family and friends, we have just one more thing to add that we really, really want. We're talking about the diamond lollipop holder Real Housewife Of Beverly Hill star Dana Wilkey recently wore while she and her crew were out in Las Vegas. Of course, it does cost a cool $1 million, but c'mon! It's like getting two diamond-encrusted things at once since it's a necklace and a lollipop holder. Wilkey was quick to point out that the piece was just loaned to her and, er, it might have fallen off its chain and broke while she was bowling with her fellow housewives. Thankfully, the necklace was repaired, and look — even if the bling costs more money than some people will see in a lifetime, it's still down-to-earth enough to go bowling in. Talk about an investment piece. So, friends, family, Santa, Kris Kringle, Ded Moroz, or whoever else is doling out the gifts this year, c'mon. We've been good. We don't want to hold our lollipops like plebeians anymore. You know what to do. (Us)

Image: Via Us

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