Yes, There Is Such A Thing As A Warm-Weather Boot

Whoever coined the phrase "You can't have your cake and eat it, too" clearly had never heard of cutout booties. A boot from the front and a party from all angles, this versatile shoe is the sole (pun definitely intended) thing your closet needs to get you through both summer and fall. When toes slipping and sliding in scorching heat is the problem, finding a way to air out your feet is a necessity. Sneaking in ventilation with cute cutout patterns, these booties are the ideal breathable option to pair with every boyfriend jean and midi skirt you're wearing this summer.

The best part about these warm-weather styles? When the temps finally dial down, the up-to-your-ankles and often chunky-heeled designs keep your feet warm and comfortable so you don't have to store them away until the next year. Bonus points if you pair them with cute, sheer socks for even cozier toes.

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