Get Your Hands On A One-Of-A-Kind Ring — For Free!

We've all been there. You burst through the doors of your favorite store, giddy over having just purchased that one item that is so you. Then, when you're finally sporting your prized, jewel-tone coat or kooky, jungle-print pants, there it is: someone else, wearing your special, signature look.
Now, whether or not the head designers at Zara knew they were making your spirit jeans or dream jacket, seeing another girl sporting your beloved fashion find — especially at the same time — can be crushing. That's why we're beyond excited to have discovered CustomMade, the world's largest marketplace for connecting artisans and craftsmen with clients' ideas for truly one-of-a-kind creations.
Consider it your Yenta for jewelry matchmaking. From unique gold earrings to hefty metal cuffs, they've got you covered with a database of skilled wizards who can turn whatever you dream up into a custom-made reality. And, if you happen to be looking to boost your accessories game to a professional level, you're in luck, because we're teaming up to give one reader $1,000 towards a heart-shaped agate ring by Loving Anvil. With a two-finger, statement-maker like this tweaked to fit your personal style, you've got the finger-party game on lockdown.
Not your style? Not a problem! Use the fresh batch of free cash to create your own piece instead — up to $1,000 in value. Either way, enter to win here, and get ready to kiss the land of look-alikes goodbye.
Photo: Courtesy of CustomMade