Are Culottes Right For You?

Some trends are just easy to get behind (matching sets, Breton stripes). And others? Others are a little more divisive. Take culottes: The wide-legged pant style can look super-sophisticated when worn right, offering the elegance of a mid-length skirt without the risk of catching unexpected gusts over an open subway grate. However, the throwback cut hasn't caught on with the mainstream quite yet, possibly due to the scariness of a cropped, baggy silhouette and what that might do to the look of your legs. Still, that doesn't mean you should avoid culottes at all costs. The trend seems to be sticking around and you could be missing out. With several different takes on the style, there's a pair that's right for you — but don't jump the gun. Take this quiz to see if culottes are right for you and your wardrobe.

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