Creepy Photos And Video: Models Pose with 200,000 Ladybugs

All by its lonesome, a solitary ladybug has the potential to be somewhat cute—after all, the little rouge crawlers supposedly bring good luck. But, when 200,000 of them get together, the result is less cute, more creepy. Actually, we're going to go with vom-inducing, after checking out this behind-the-scenes vid of a Vice magazine photo shoot. Watching the insects climb into every "orifice," imaginable and entwine themselves into the models' hair is stomach-turning, plus, according to the editors, "ladybug sex stench is perhaps the funkiest aroma to ever waft up a nostril." If you'd rather not lose your lunch, you can skip the movie and just peep the pics...though, that ladybug on the eye shot isn't exactly appetizing either.

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