31 Extremely Cool L.A. Creatives To Follow On Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of @thewhitedesert.
Have you or someone you know suffered from Insta feed boredom? While it's not technically a clinical term, we’ve all been there before. You scroll and scroll, searching for any sign of inspiration, but you can't find a single post worthy of a comment, let alone a Like. 

If you can relate and want to step up your follow game, you've come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the best L.A.-based creatives, a diverse group united by their shared understanding of the importance of eye candy.

Consider this list an inspiration buffet for your soul — after all, it’s true what they say: You are what you eat. Whether you’re into food, art, music, illustrations, or simply a good photo, it’s all here à la carte. Now, take a moment to clear your schedule, grab your phone, and fall down an Instagram rabbit hole with us. Let’s go! 
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Photo: Courtesy of @gillian_zinser.
Gillian Zinser, Actress
Gillian Zinser’s account is a beautiful collage of muted tones, unexpected horizon lines, double exposures, and quotes that get your mind moving. The moods she creates are both infectious and inspiring. So, basically, she's a must-follow.
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Photo: Courtesy of @jessica_tonder.
Jessica Tonder, Singer

Strong imagery doesn't come close to describing the Instas from vocal talent Jessica Tonder. She brings a touch of mystery and edge in her almost strictly stark black-and-white photography. It makes you wonder: Where is she and how do I get there?
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Photo: Courtesy of @tasyavanree.
Tasya van Ree, Photographer and Artist
Tasya van Ree’s exquisite eye for beauty in unexpected subjects is uncanny. Follow her and see exactly how she draws feelings and life out of seemingly average subjects.
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Photo: Courtesy of @jasonleeparry.
Jason Lee Parry, Photographer, Director, and Artist
Jason Lee Parry has nailed the art of highlighting beauty in serene and natural moments. Follow his account now, then get ready for WETDREAMS, a forthcoming coffee-table book of his work.
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Photo: Courtesy of @cantina_.
Matthew Correia, Musician
As the drummer in the Allah-Las, Matthew Correia has been traveling the world in style and with his best pals. His account is full of insane views and magical moments caught between the shows while on the road. If this is what a tour entails, sign us up!
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Photo: Courtesy of @kat_borchart.
Kat Borchart, Photographer

The epitome of any girly girl’s mood board would be the Instagram account of photographer Kat Borchart. With a keen eye for color and texture, Borchart shares her photography and whimsical shoot locations up and down the California coastline.
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Photo: Courtesy of @evanlane.
Evan Lane, Photographer and Owner of Langly

Photographer Evan Lane is always on the go and, lucky for us, always documenting. Lane plays with natural light and moments to obtain beautiful, organic imagery.
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Photo: Courtesy of @brojazz.
Robbie Simon, Artist

Robbie Simon’s art will instantly make your day brighter. He uses bold lines and interesting combinations of colors and shapes to create pieces that could be described as simple yet thoughtful.
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Photo: Courtesy of @juicewhale.
Jeremy Searle, Photographer and Videographer
Of course, every one of photog Jeremy Searle's Insta snap showcases his great eye, but he also has an amazing sense of humor. What are we referring to? In between his inspiring coastline photos he'll make you smile with his quippy videos.
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Photo: Courtesy of @stephaniegonot.
Stephanie Gonot, Photographer
Not one to shy away from color or humor, Stephanie Gonot takes still-life photographs to the next level. She has a fine eye for placement and playfulness, and each image makes you smirk and think: How clever.
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Photo: Courtesy of @alecmonopoly.
Alec Monopoly, Street Artist

Alec Monopoly is a street artist who is constantly on the move. He’s best known for giving his characters a top hat and tuxedo, and he has left his mark on cities such as NYC, Miami, London, Hong Kong, and, of course, L.A.
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Photo: Courtesy of @laura_austin.
Laura Austin, Photographer/Writer

With wanderlust running through her veins, photographer Laura Austin is someone you can't help but watch. She takes everyone on a journey through her photos and diary-like captions. It’s always exciting to see where she will explore next.
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Photo: Courtesy of @amanda_charchian.
Amanda Charchian, Photographer, Sculptor, and Filmmaker

If only the world could be exactly as Amanda Charchian captures it; expect an original point of view with a side of nostalgia from her account. In short, we're always delighted by her insightful eye.
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Photo: Courtesy of @wafflesoph.
Sophia Moreno-Bunge, Florist and Photographer
Plant after plant, petal after petal, photo after photo, Sophia Moreno-Bunge makes us want to drop everything and become a florist. (If only Instagram could be scratch and sniff.)
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Photo: Courtesy of @_seansullivan.
Sean Sullivan, Photographer

Sean Sullivan has a way of expertly capturing simple, quiet moments. His photographs can feel like still frames in a video. Translation: It’s worth pausing on this account.
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Photo: Courtesy of @mike_swb.
Michael Comrie, Founder of The End, Creative Consultant, and Stylist

With an eye for edge and an affinity for all things effortless, Michael Comrie’s account showcases his steady focus on fashion, design, and life in general. As a bonus, Comrie will frequently post about upcoming art shows and creative events around L.A., so you’ll always be in the know.
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Photo: Courtesy of @portablesera.
Sera Lindsay, Photographer

Sera Lindsay seems to be one of those individuals who simply embrace life, and in return, life grants her adventure after adventure. Following her is like following a daydream.
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Photo: Courtesy of @davidgomezmaestre.
David Gomez, Photographer and Illustrator

David Gomez enhances his photographs by outlining certain pieces of clothing with a fine black line. This delicate detail serves as his recent signature in countless colorful images. Eye candy? Yes, please.
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Photo: Courtesy of @thewhitedesert.
Laura Crayton, Freelance Creative Consultant

Laura Crayton is loved by both sides of the camera, capturing foggy moments and also featuring in them. While she spends most of her time in the fashion realm, she experiments with photography and illustration.
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Photo: Courtesy of @kevinruss.
Kevin Russ, Photographer

Conquering the great outdoors one iPhone snap at a time, Kevin Russ has accrued quite a following, and there’s no question as to why. He captures the magnitude of the mountains and also their silence with such ease. The purity of Russ’ subjects, whether they're a wild horse or an untouched landscape, is a breath of fresh air.
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Photo: Courtesy of @hannahmas.
Hannah Mas, Partner at General Store

Hannah Mas has a way of seeing and sharing quintessential California moments in a perfect pastel palette. She sets a casual vibe with sun flares, cactii, and denim cutoff photos galore.
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Photo: Courtesy of @devincarlson.
Devin Carlson, Creative Director
The creative director of the beautifully simple menswear line Chapter carries that same aesthetic through in his gray-scale Instagram. Devin Carlson gives glimpses of the sheer amount of work that goes into creating a line — as well as the fun.
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Photo: Courtesy of @nilultra.
Jason Moore, Artist and Art Director

Jason Moore, more commonly known by his art name Nil Ultra, never ceases to amaze. An artist in every right, Moore uses wit and a masterful eye to collage, illustrate, and create mesmerizing image after image.
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Photo: Courtesy of @tristaneaton.
Tristan Eaton, Street Artist
Tristan Eaton's passion for public art is as massive as his super-scale murals. His use of colors, patterns, and careful detail is even more obvious when he posts close-ups of his work.
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Photo: Courtesy of @stopitrightnow.
Jayne Min, Designer, Creative Consultant, and Blogger
Jayne Min’s eye for photography is both instinctual and original, and her fondness for design and understanding of aesthetic really show in her images. Bonus? She also has a Pomeranian that makes appearances.
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Photo: Courtesy of @sphinxandmilkyway.
Lauren Spencer King, Artist

Lauren Spencer King’s account feels like a collection of missing puzzle pieces. There is no direct flow, yet everything works magically together — a tribute to her steady yet ever-wandering eye.
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Photo: Courtesy of @andrewarthur.
Andrew Arthur, Photographer

With a fine mix of fashion editorials, candid model backstage shots, and travel photos, Andrew Arthur documents his life and work while throwing in a pun here and there.
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Photo: Courtesy of @turnhamator.
Chris Turnham, Illustrator

Chris Turnham’s illustrations have a way of transporting you. He has a knack for capturing the detail of a place or structure, while also making it his own with a signature muted color palette.
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Photo: Courtesy of @dabsmyla.
Dabs & Myla, Artists

Though we’re highlighting individuals, this husband-wife duo are so in sync that they may as well be one being. Dabs and Myla are artists across several mediums including illustration, painting, and sculpting.
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Photo: Courtesy of @evanfunke.
Evan Funke, Chef

Evan Funke documents the beauty of making food, primarily pasta and typically through gorgeously shot videos. His images may even inspire you to up your lunch game.
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Photo: Courtesy of @mistermauster.
Matt Maust, Musician and Artist

While Matt Maust is best known for playing the bass in Cold War Kids, his Instagram account also highlights his artistry and originality. He is constantly creating pieces, small and large, on the road and in his studio.

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