Meet The New Heel Height Even Kate Moss Swears By

Say hello to the new heel height you and your chiropodist are going to love: the three-and-a half-incher. Yup, The Times has declared this shoe to be the latest '90s trend to make a comeback — and we're thrilled for its return.
The court shoe, the official fashion name, is the style that pretty much every woman wore for all of the '90s. Just look at any X-Files rerun to see Agent Scully running through forests in nippy suede pumps. The aughts kicked this look to the curb and in its place introduced heel heights of increasing extremes.
And, while Christian Louboutin’s signature Pigalle stiletto, with its 120mm heel, is still very much on a our wish list, we applaud the likes of Kate Moss and Isabel Marant for bringing this practical pump back into fashion spotlight. Ahead, our favorite court shoes for the upcoming party season. They really are made for dancing. (The Times)

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