How To Find YOUR Perfect Pair Of Overalls

Overalls — you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. But if bloggers, street style stars, and fashion girls in general are any indication, the kindergarten-turned-grown-up staple has major staying power. Especially considering the seemingly endless varieties that are popping up at stores left and right.
From classic denim to dressier versions, or typical buckle strap to newer knots and buttons — there’s a pair of overalls out there for your body shape and style persona. And while it’s sweet to have options, it can also be pretty overwhelming. Some of us can go the thrift store route and pull off the perfect vintage pair, and then there are others who might prefer a more polished look.
Whatever the case may be, it’s all in the details. As with shopping for any wardrobe staple, knowing what little nuances and elements you prefer — whether that’s the fabric, buttons or, leg shape — will save you hours in the dressing room. We’ve broken down the ultimate shopping guide to overalls so that you can jump on the trend without thinking twice. Mix and match the parts that fit your tastes until you find YOUR perfect pair.

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