Outfit Ideas For Your Job Search

Whether you're deep into your career or you're just kickstarting your post-graduate job hunt, the interviewing process can be a nerve-wracking one. With so much company background to research and so many smart questions to prepare, figuring out your interview outfit is probably the last thing on your mind.

But, as it goes, first impressions do make lasting ones, and how you initially present yourself to a prospective employer can make all the difference in the world. So we've put together a non-lame guide to five interview outfits that are both killer and professional, fit for any kind of office environment. Now, go practice that firm handshake. You got this.
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For The Cool Corporate Gal
Going in for a corporate position doesn't mean you can't add rich tones and personality to your outfit. To stand out from the sea of black blazers and slacks, swap out your regular ol' jacket for a red-wine sleeveless number that smartly coordinates with a striped top. A versatile, classic work tote and nude pumps are musts for every budding professional.
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For The Anti-9-To-5 Hustler
Sometimes, the best kind of job interviews are the ones that are non-traditional. If you're seeking a role or gig that isn't based around the typical 9-to-5 schedule — a creative freelancer, a personal assistant to a notable figure, a client-facing consultant, etc. — look the part with an outfit that's all sorts of irreverent, fun, and still totally polished. A patterned frock with funky accessories is a look that shows your prospective client you can easily take the job from a weekday to the weekend.
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For The PR Powerhouse
Who says women in PR need to wear all black? Stand out from the crowd — and show off your fashion bona fides — by choosing a pair of on-trend culottes in a '70s pastel, like baby blue, and a deconstructed navy trench. A pair of graphic pumps and a long pendant necklace punch up the cool, sophisticated palette. And a structured bag, even in powder pink, signals you're ready to get down to business.
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For The Techie Wizard
Sure, the startup world is known to be super-chill in the wardrobe department. But that doesn't mean you should show up to your interview in Birkenstocks and wide-leg jeans. Pass on the traditional blazer, and opt instead for punchy culottes and a patterned top. Smart accessories like a functional backpack, slip-on sneakers, and a watch indicate to the interviewer that you're ready for action.
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For The Fashion Maven
If you've managed to score an interview at a major fashion house based on your resume, you're already halfway there. The other half the battle is the face-to-face meet to prove that you've got the style part down. Since this interviewer has probably seen it all, keep it low-key with this traditional oxford-shirt-and-skirt combo, but make each piece unforgettable and extra-special — a wrap-tie detail here, a mermaid flare there. Smartly contrast your bag and heels with hot and cold hues to finish off the power look.

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