Subway Commuting Sucks, Here Are 12 Accessories To Help Out The Ride

Tunnels and bridges aren't just for the weekend warriors that hijack your favorite bar on Friday nights. For some of us, it's an hour-long commute each way from Willyburg to the UWS. That's two hours a day, 10 hours a week, and a total of 520 hours a year to get snap happy on the train or meet your next missed connection. Not into serendipity? We've got the goods to keep you happily incognito as you rush through New York City's bustling underground. It goes without saying that while these networks are the crucible for the billion people that come into contact with each other, "surviving" the daily commute could also mean surviving, well, the existential whiplash between stops.
Click through and check out what we found to spice things up.