The 10 Products That Will Help You Detox Post-Coachella

Your head is pounding, your eardrums are ringing, and you're not quite sure if that's makeup on your face...or dirt. If you danced in the desert with a bunch of fellow festival-goers this past weekend, we salute you. And now, we're here to let you off easy with the ultimate detox.
From luxe, hydrating hair masks and refreshing foot balms to cleansing juices and must-have moisturizers, these pampering products will replenish your Coachella-battered body, stat. It's time to ditch the dark circles, neglected tresses, and sunburned Rorschach-ed face — at least, until next weekend. Come to think of it, you should probably memorize this guide for every future morning-after routine (we assume there are a few more up that sleeve!).