10 Quirky Pieces We're Crazy Enough To Wear

We'll be the first to admit it — sometimes, fashion can be weird. But, we also can't deny that there's something irresistible about a good, eccentric find. And, Etsy vintage dealer and street-style enthusiast Anja Verdugo can relate.
In fact, she almost exclusively seeks out pieces with a quirky twist, whether it's a larger-than-life, anime-inspired shape, a crazy Escher-esque pattern, or an unexpected feline-inspired detail (you'll see). Ahead, Verdugo shares her 10 favorite pieces and why she loves them. Beware, these are not for the shy.
The best part? You can shop each and every out-there piece along with 40 other quirky-cool finds from Verdugo's exclusive R29 boutique.

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