4 Ultra-Comfy Outfits For When You Can’t Be Bothered But Still Want To Look Like You Tried

Let's assume that — because of any other number of factors — you're tired. We're willing to bet you've already announced this, out loud, at least once today. We're also willing to bet that when you can barely summon the energy to find matching socks, the last thing you want to do is put together an elaborate, multi-layer outfit. But while rolling up to the office or bar in modified sleepwear is an option, it is possible to throw together a comfy outfit that doesn't make you look like you just tumbled out of bed.
That's why we've styled four looks that are easy to wear but still deliver on the presentability front, all of which begin with Clarks, known for their unbeatable comfort and craftsmanship. Are these shoe-forward outfits exactly the same as wearing PJs? No, but they're close — and infinitely chicer.
Designed by Seung Won Chun.
Make like a certain cohort of influencers turned models, and kick it in a granddad/streetwear-inspired getup. The leopard smoking slipper adds a touch of class, especially peeking out from under the hem of relaxed-fit trousers.
A loose dress = as close to a swaddling cloth as adults can get. But a sturdy desert boot grounds the look, while a shearling chore jacket adds further structure.
Designed by Seung Won Chun.
Updated with an almond toe and chunky sole, the work boot proves to be a highly walkable, pain-free shoe option. Meanwhile, a smocked-waist skirt and sweater in a complementary color combo are as cozy as your oldest XXL T-shirt — but loads more respectable in a public setting.
Designed by Seung Won Chun.
The classic, premium-leather Chelsea boot made us think of those who best know how to dress through the pain: rock stars. Stretch denim, a band jacket, and tinted shades are made for taking it easy while looking like you're ready to party hard.