Meet The Cool Plus-Size Line That Comes From Down Under

There are many great things that Australia has to offer — beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, fascinating culture, and plus-size brand City Chic. With quite a dearth of exciting plus-size clothing options, perhaps it’s only fitting that our latest favorite brand comes out of the Land of Oz.
Thankfully, however, these items are the real deal and not a figment of tornado-induced head trauma. With everything from a bevy of flirty, floral frocks; flattering, splash-worthy swimwear; on-trend sheer tops; and more up to a size 24, City Chic actually offers items that a fashion-loving woman would crave. Forget the typical fare that fills the racks at many plus-specific stores. With City Chic, you’ll be able to not just shop for what you need, but for what you want. Start shopping our top picks in the slides ahead.