Christian Louboutin Makes Giggy Vander-Pumps

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In the most-recent query of "who wore it best," we're torn between a fresh pair of Louboutin's Splash Fur pumps and the Real House Dog of Beverly Hills. The envy of pampered pomeranians everywhere, Giggy Vanderpump (not Jiggy, for the record) may be the very inspiration for the red-soled pair that features his signature ashy-auburn puffed-up mane. But really, even a pair of $1600 shoes are still not as delicate as Lisa Vanderpump's pint-sized pet that gets toted along wherever she goes. It's also a safe bet that these shoes will spend much more time on the floor than Giggy ever did... but you may want to watch where you step just in case.
Christian Louboutin Splash Fur, $1595, available at Barneys New York.
Photo via: The Examiner