There’s (Maybe) A Hunger Games Nail Polish Line & We Want Every Shade

Confession: we’ve watched the Hunger Games preview roughly seven times since it premiered on Monday, and have since decided that Jennifer Lawrence is definitely our new girl crush. Now, it's looks like the next epic movie series is also rumored to have a nail polish collection from China Glaze to go with it (and these days, can you even qualify for major movie status without a makeup or nail polish line?).
The flick doesn’t come out until March 2012, but we’re already pining for the line up of rumored 12 gorgeous nail polishes, and can’t wait to paint our digits in shades inspired by Katniss, District 12, the Seam, and more. It's no secret that we're MEGA-nail art fans here and we’ve got our eye on the gold, glittery lacquer named Cinna-mon (inspired by Cinna’s gold eyeliner) in particular. Stay tuned for more details on where they’ll supposedly be sold come February 2012—like the movie, we've still got a few months to go. Sad face.

Photo: Murray Close/Courtesy of Lionsgate.