Cheap Thrill! Warrior Women Sandals At Bargain Hunter Prices

The modern warrior woman trend has been on our radar for a good few months now, and we're constantly dreaming of ways to bring the shredded, tough, and strapped look to our summertime wardrobes. We've been lusting after Chloé's leather sandals to really get our point across, but we're always a bit hesitant about spending half a G on a pair of summer shoes. Enter, 80%20, that's got a version with a similar vibe, but without the excess accouterments. Best part, it comes with an elevated, hidden heel. Hey—if you're not a natural Amazonian, every little inch helps!
Above, from left: Chloé Multi-Strap Leather Sandal, $595, available at Net-a-Porter; 80%20 Open Toe Booties, $145, available at Intermix.