Cheap Thrill! An Inverse-Pleated Skirt That Won’t Turn Your Wallet Inside-Out

The inverse pleat is by no means a new skirt-shaping technique, but there is something that feels really special about the juicy orange wool (inverse-pleated) skirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Maybe it's the sparse, thick pleats, the weighty feel of the skirt, or just the cheerful hue, but we love everything about this skirt (save for the not-so-sparse price-tag). When browsing Topshop's offerings, we found a just-as-bright skirt for heaps cheaper. The Topshop skirt is made from polyester, and definitely scrimps on quality when compared to the Phillip Lim version, but for a no-pain purchase to wear to brunch this weekend… this option is pretty stellar, right?
Topshop Invert Pleated Flippy Skirt, $60, available at Topshop; 3.1 Phillip Lim Wool Mini Skirt, $375, available at Net-a-Porter.