Cheap Thrill! Go Picnicking With A Chanel-esque Straw Bag

Chanel's spring 2010 collection was full of cute and kitschy farm-inspired accessories that we can't help but love, but it's hard for us to justify spending loads of money on a straw handbag when we know it's just going to get trashed with leaked lemonade and baguette crumbs. We wouldn't mind shelling out $59.99 for this woven tote that could be the Chanel bag's lower-priced twin. It's got all the pastoral appeal of straw and flowers without looking like it once belonged to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Although the cheapie version might not have the same impeccable quality (or the interlocking Cs, for that matter), you won't feel guilty about carrying it on your outdoorsy adventures. Yee-haw!
Above, from left: Chanel fall '10, image via; Buji Baja Floral Straw Tote, $59.99, available at Lord & Taylor.

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