Cheap Thrill! A DIY Leather Bag For the Price Of A Latte

A gal can never have enough little nighttime clutches, and we're all about tiny leather pouchettes that fit just your cell phone, your lipstick, and a charge card for the night. You could drop a sizable chunk of change on a vintage leather bag, or you can take a page out Madewell's Marketing Director, Gigi Guerra's book and fashion your own from Tandy Leather. These kits are available at craft stores across the nation, and will cost you between $5 and $15. The bags are really easy to assemble, and come in a multitude of styles and tans. Trust—this is a cheap thrill that you will want to brag about!
Above, from left: Tandy Leather Fringed Suede Purse, $14.99, available here; Tandy Leather Pixie Purse, $4.99, available here.

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