25 $50-Or-Under Finds From L.A.'s Coolest Etsy Shops

"You do you." That's not just an affirmation before you cut your own bangs, or an applaud to a sidewalk stranger sporting leg warmers in June. It's the mantra of those who act, decorate, and wear what they want, when they want. Where better to find things that are uniquely you than Etsy?

Luckily, filling your life with items that suit your fancy doesn’t have to be pricey. We’ve scoured L.A.’s raddest Etsy shops to find wonderfully uncommon (and affordable) buys you'll love.

From Mad Men-era drinkware (RIP) to modern, minimalistic leather goods, everything in our roundup has been hand-selected and will cost you less than $50 a pop. Here's to doing you.

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Add a healthy dose of flair to your summer barbecue or beach picnic with a set of tie-dyed napkins. You can choose from a variety of colors, but we favor the bright blue.

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If summer isn’t the time to add a punch of color to your space, then when is?

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Relive the ‘90s by shopping all of EchoClubHouse’s throwback finds. Now, where did that Blink-182 CD go?
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We know it’s tough to find a scented candle you really love online. But, try out one (or a few) of these mini candles from pommesfrites and we’re sure your nose will meet its match.

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You may have mastered emojis and GIFs, but how’s your snail-mail game? Take your letters to the next level with these letterpress labels.
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Sculpture is an art form not to be ignored in your interior. Sure, prints and paintings are nice. But nothing will wow your guests like a bust.
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We’re not saying you should give up your Claire Vivier dreams — but until you decide to splurge, tide yourself over with this chic, leather clutch.
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The phrase "they don’t make ‘em like the used to" is true of all vintage items, but especially melamine. The durable material is suitable for outdoor use, begging the question: When’s your next garden party?
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Move over, kuba cloth, wax print is the new African textile du jour. This set of cocktail napkins is the perfect application of the trend.
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Look no further for that perfect boho pillow: The collection at Hunted Fox Shop has your groovy pad covered.
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With just one necklace, Carrie Bradshaw made nameplate jewelry a must for everyday wear. Pay homage to SJP and L.A. with these tiny letter studs.

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Does your desk just feel kind of...basic? Give your coworkers something to talk about with this retro pencil holder.
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Because we can all agree that Cruella was the coolest. (No puppies were harmed in the creation of this pillow.)

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Struggling with what to hang in your kitchen? Our advice is to opt for this sophisticated pear print.
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Mercury may not be in retrograde right now, but it’s still smart to stay on top of your moon phases.
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These leather clips take your keychain from boring to chic in a snap.
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Is $43 dollars a lot of money to spend on a towel? Perhaps, but this Turkish beauty adds a serious charm when hung in a bathroom — and it rolls up super-thin to become the perfect portable blanket for the beach or park.
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You only really need two things when out and about: your phone and your wallet (okay, maybe your keys, too). Kill two birds with one stone by toting this leather iPhone sleeve with a handy credit card pocket.
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If anything can make doing dishes feel dreamy, it’s this adorable linen tea towel.
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You’ve heard of granny-chic, but what about muumuu-chic? Pair this vintage number with a modern pair of sunnies and a metallic sandal for post-beach trend setting.
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A steal of a deal, this vintage set of mugs is just cheeky enough to make you fall in love.
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Need art now? Then the the instant digital download of this modern print may spark your interest.
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The only thing cuter than this hand-woven wall hanging is the shop’s name: The Little Avocado.
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Did someone say "pool day"? These retro glasses are the perfect way to serve a summer cocktail.
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Because guacamole isn’t going to serve itself.

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