25 $50-Or-Under Finds From L.A.’s Coolest Etsy Shops

"You do you." That's not just an affirmation before you cut your own bangs, or an applaud to a sidewalk stranger sporting leg warmers in June. It's the mantra of those who act, decorate, and wear what they want, when they want. Where better to find things that are uniquely you than Etsy?
Luckily, filling your life with items that suit your fancy doesn’t have to be pricey. We’ve scoured L.A.’s raddest Etsy shops to find wonderfully uncommon (and affordable) buys you'll love.
From Mad Men-era drinkware (RIP) to modern, minimalistic leather goods, everything in our roundup has been hand-selected and will cost you less than $50 a pop. Here's to doing you.