Charlize Theron Shows Us The Right Way To Get Out Of A Car


Remember the mid-noughties, when seeing a glimpse of a teen starlet's nether regions sans underwear was as common as True Religion jeans? While Lindsay, Paris, and Miley still haven't learned how to exit a car without a salacious TMZ post (and, like, no need to buy that Lilo Playboy), we think they could learn a thing or two from Charlize Theron. The South African Young Adult star was photographed in L.A. yesterday getting out of an SUV in a move right out of the
playbook — despite the short white skirt, she left a little bit to the imagination and kept the attention on her perfect red lip, eye-dropping Reed Krakoff Boxer Sandals, and I-N-S-A-N-E gams. Seriously, if this isn't the modern day Grace Kelly, who is?

Photo: Courtesy of PR Consulting.

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